Для того чтобы мы могли вам помочь, пожалуйста будьте около компьютера и приготовьте следующую информацию:

  1. Полное описание продукта
  2. Соответствующее соббщение об ошибке (если есть) и краткое описание проблемы
  3. Тип и скорость вашего процессора (например 486 DX2/66, Pentium 90)
  4. Тип видео и звуковой карты (например, Diamond Stealth 64 video, Sound Blaster 16 sound)

Онлайновая поддержка через Activision Forums, E-Mail and File Library Support

  • Internet: support@activision.com or http://www.activision.com/
  • America Online: Используйте слово "Activision" для поиска Activision forum.
  • CompuServe: 76004,2122 or [GO ACTIVISION]
  • Activision BBS: (310) 255-2146 Up to 33,600 Baud; Settings: 8 Bits, No Parity, 1 Stop Bit (8, N, 1) Примечание: Поддержка сетевых компонент производится только в онлайновом режиме.

In the U.S.

Fax: (310) 255-2151, 24 hours a day

FaxBack: (310) 255-2153, 24 hours a day

Mail: Activision, Customer Support, P.O. Box 67713, Los Angeles, CA 90067

Phone: Call our 24-hour voice-mail system for answers to our most frequently asked questions at (310) 255-2050. Or contact a customer service representative at the same number between the hours of 9:00 a.m. and 5:00 p.m. (Pacific Time) Monday through Friday, except holidays.

Game Hints: To get all the hints for Quake II, just call (900) CALL-2-ID* or (800) ID-GAMES. Calls are 90ў per minute (must use credit card via 800-ID-GAMES).
*You must be 18 years of age or have parental/guardian permission to call 900-CALL-2-ID.

id Stuff: Call (800) ID-GAMES to order id merchandise and games.

In Australia & the U.K.

For Technical Support:

In Australia, please call 1902 962 000.

In the U.K., please call 0990 143 525.

If you have any comments, questions or suggestions about this game, or any other Activision product, you can contact us in the U.K. on 0181 742 9400 between the hours of 1:00 p.m. and 5:00 p.m. (U.K. time) Monday through Friday, with the exception of holidays.

For Technical Support and Customer Service in areas not listed, please contact your local distributor or Activision via online. (Please note that online support is available in English only.)